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A*Men Pure Wood by Thierry Mugler

A*Men Pure Wood by Thierry Mugler

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I love A*Men, in fact it was one of the first reviews ever to appear on Manface 4 years ago. I love the original, Pure Coffee (that was a particular favourite) as well as Pure Malt.

After reading review after review and seeing vlog after vlog of A*Men Pure Wood, it’s clear that everyone appears to be in unilateral favour.

Unfortunately, I’m just not feeling it.

Now, I love oud scents such as Francis Kurkdjian Oud Moods, Versace Oud Noir and Tom Ford Oud Wood. A*Men Pure Wood is clearly Thierry Mugler’s take on an oud, combining it with the original and delicious formulation.

For me, it’s just doesn’t seem to gel properly; it feels artificial and forced. It’s like my beautiful A*Men original is being taken prisoner by a rather acidic and contrived oud-esque wood.

It’s not terrible, it’s just not great (in my honest opinion) and with fragrance being such a personal thing, I’d suggest you go and try it for yourself because in all honesty; you might love it and so you should! My review shouldn’t bias you too much nor should it put you off from trying the intoxicating original fragrance.

With notes of woods, coffee, vanilla, cypress and patchouli, A*Men Pure Wood by Thierry Mugler is available in-store from Selfridges.

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