Fragrance Reviews

Code of Conduct: Armani Code Collection Roundup

I have become an almighty fragrance snob and it’s bad, bad form – I’m not like that with skincare, so why fragrance? Just because a fragrance doesn’t come from a niche boutique or formulated with moss from the west valleys of the Tibetan Plateau, doesn’t mean it isn’t worthy of praise. Armani Code are those fragrances that aren’t particularly daring but at least two of them are bloomin’ gorgeous.

Neom Energy Burst Eau de Parfum and Scent Discovery Test

I recently heard someone say that fragrances using 100% natural notes are not real fragrances, but soup. Whilst I found this pretty funny; Neom Energy Burst Eau de Parfum must be the chef’s special at a Michelin Star restaurant. That being said, this fragrance is not clever; there’s no fragrance pyramid or advanced perfumery techniques here, French or otherwise. But, it doesn’t need to be and I’ll tell you why.

Visiting Frederic Malle Burlington Arcade Flagship Store

For those that don’t know, I live very near Leeds in West Yorkshire. My apartment is next to a train station with a direct line to London Kings Cross. When I say next to, I mean literally – I fall asleep to the sound of late night freight trains, it’s wonderful! So, I do my blogging commute to London once a month for meetings and it works really well. As I write this, I got back only an hour ago.