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Which is the Best Shampoo for My Hair Concern?

The world of shampoos and conditioners is a minefield. Sadly advertising rules are easily skirted around with hundreds of brands implying fake claims they cannot support. We’ve all heard phrases like “hair looks healthier” and “hair feels smoother” – just because your hair looks healthier and feels smoother, doesn’t mean it actually is!

NEW Aveda Invati MEN

UPDATE: Read the NEW Aveda Invati Men Review here
I am owed money! After being invited to last night’s previously vague Aveda men’s launch, I’d cunningly deduced that they’d finally be launching the phenomenon that is Aveda Invati, but this time for men and they did not disappoint. I was delighted to be seated next to Darren Potter, the charismatic, pragmatic and very passionate general manager of the Aveda who shared so much incredible background to the product and the Aveda brand.