Tom Ford Oud Wood

You’ll probably know by now that I have a bit of a love for Oud scents; be sure to check out my past reviews of Francis Kurkdjian Oud MoodVersace Oud Noir and Perfume Calligraphy by Aramis. When it comes to Tom Ford Private Blend, Tobacco Vanille is my first love, followed by Neroli Portofino and until now I’d never worn Tom Ford Oud Wood, but I think it’s overtaking second place!

It’s more of a floral Oud and even though Tom Ford Private Blend fragrances have a reputation for being heavy, this is much much lighter than you might expect but still a definite Oud. It’s fabulous for anyone who doesn’t quite want that blast of pounding middle-eastern fire and spice. I could refer to it as a My First Oud – being an excellent and high-quality place to start.

A heady blend awaits of Agarwood, Brazillian Rosewood, Cardamom and Vanilla. There’s also a pinch of Sichuan pepper, sandalwood, vetyver and tonka (you have to try Thornton’s Tonka chocolate!).

On first contact, you’re surrounded by each and every note, but particularly fiery Cardamom undercut by the semi-sweetness of Vanilla. The cardamom remains prominent for a few moments as the woods start to grow, twist and writhe up from the earth. Then, as the fragrance settles, there it is – Agarwood/Oud. Delicious.

It hasn’t got the overpowering heat and sweat of many Ouds and remains relatively clean cut.

The scent doesn’t last all that long on the skin, being noticeable for 4 or 5 hours but after then, I’m definitely in need of a single-spray top-up. I like this because it’s easier to transition the fragrance to something else. Some Ouds, not naming any names, stay on your skin endlessly; days… weeks… months!

This is just a fabulous scent; it’s accessible and perfect for a transition between late-summer and autumn. It’s available at a premium price tag (but lasts forever) for £140 at House of Fraser and is definitely worth a look in. Is it too early to talk about Christmas present ideas?

Harvey Specter
Posted at 00:08 September 12, 2013

I think it’s very individual for how long the scent lasts on your skin. My out wood lasts for the whole day, I don’t even have to put it on again in the evening for going out (and to be honest it even gets quite a few compliments in the nightlife when I put it on in the morning).
Oud wood is definitely one of my favourite oud perfumes.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 18:20 September 3, 2013

Love this and anything else Tom Ford :)

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