Haircare Reviews

Which is the Best Shampoo for My Hair Concern?

The world of shampoos and conditioners is a minefield. Sadly advertising rules are easily skirted around with hundreds of brands implying fake claims they cannot support. We’ve all heard phrases like “hair looks healthier” and “hair feels smoother” – just because your hair looks healthier and feels smoother, doesn’t mean it actually is!

Hair Styling from Balmain

Just a brief one, but thought you might like a peak at the Balmain hair styling collection. I’ve pulled 4 products I like from the 6 I’ve been sent. In a nutshell, they’re OK – not amazing – but solid products. I don’t know if I expected more because of the name, or in the same stroke, judged them more harshly because of the name.

ghd Copper Luxe for Christmas 2016

Knowing I would be reviewing this, I wasn’t sure which route to take. Whether to do a hair feature of styles, or talk about upgrading your kit etc. But once I opened the box and got hold of this new collection, I knew instantly that it needed to be a look at the pure craftsmanship, look and feel of the products – they’re really something to behold and even after almost 10 years in the business, I was genuinely taken aback at the sight of them.

Rahua Hair Detox and Renewal Treatment

I’ve lately added about 99+ more products to my hair styling regime, all of which are designed to give hold and extra volume. The process involves blow-drying every product through and then setting with a viciously powerful-hold hairspray. Although I love the result, all this dries my hair out something chronic and after spending last week with it needing to be styled every day, even a good shampoo and conditioner is no match. Have you had a similar experience?