Instead of one long, winding and rambling ‘about me’ section, I thought it would be best to include answers to the questions I’m so often asked including a bit about my background; how MANFACE works and ways in which brands can work with me and the site.

Who are you and why should we listen to you?

My name’s Thom Watson and my background is in luxury beauty retail and luxury beauty retail training with both an accreditation in skincare and beauty therapy qualification under my belt (and usually a box of Jaffa Cakes). My experience is with both natural and dermatological grade brands.. The beauty industry continues to be my life, love and greatest passion.

Why did you start MANFACE?

Back in 2011, there really weren’t many blogs around dedicated purely to men’s beauty, grooming and skincare and those that were around were devoted mainly to ‘for men’ branded products and those marketed specifically to male-folk such a razors and beard groomers etc.

MANFACE was created to share my experiences, tips, tricks, rants and favourite products; whilst dispelling myths and arming readers (both men and women) to make their own great choices on their trips to the beauty hall. I am sick and tired of powerful ad-campaigns spreading falsehoods and appearing to promise results on which they can never deliver.

What have you been up to with MANFACE?

Both the blog and myself, have gone on to feature in national and international press and media with a photo-feature interview in The Times; quotes for The Guardian; several features in industry press as well as features and quotes on some of the world’s biggest blogs/online magazines including S-Moda for El País (Spain) and The Daily Beast. Feel free to check out my photo gallery.

What are the analytics statistics for MANFACE?

Ooh you’re a cheeky one. I don’t publicly divulge exact statistics of MANFACE but brands can enquire after this information and I’d be happy to provide it. I will tell you however, that around 45% of visitors are between 25-34; 21% between 18-24 and 18% between 35-44. 32% of readers are female and 68% are male.

Which are your favourite brands?

I’d have to say out of the hundreds and hundreds: Clinique, Créme de La Mer, Cire Trudon, Fudge, Aveda, La Roche-Posay, Xen-Tan, L’Occitane, REN, Cire Trudon, Sampar and Aesop. I have so many other favourite products but these brands always seem to be consistent in their efforts.

Do you write/blog for other blogs or brands?

Certainly. I was the men’s fragrance blogger for Fragrance Direct after serving as an editor for Mankind for over a year. I do bits and pieces all over the place! I also continue to be a point of call for mainstream press and media for quotes, recommendations and features.

What’s your skill set?

My experienced skill set includes public speaking; beauty retail and customer service training; social media management and SEO copywriting. I’m also qualified in digital studio photographer, web design and IT Software Development. I also do a pretty decent impersonation of Alan Rickman – “Mrrrrr… Potterrrr…” (you totally just read that in his voice).

How closely do you work with PR and do you use samples?

I do and I aim to be highly ethical about the whole thing. Over the last 5 years I have cemented great contacts in the world of beauty PR, but at no point is the content of MANFACE dictated by anyone else unless marked with ‘#Sponsored’ – even then, I write the content and won’t publish anything I don’t agree with.

I often work with press samples but don’t always feel the need to disclose this as I review the product, and never the price or get into the nitty gritty of whether I’d buy it or not; I simply aim to tell you if it’s good and if it works.

Are you paid to write articles or review products?

Sometimes, and I always disclose when I have been paid/sponsored to do so and will only accept sponsorship from brands or products I believe in.

What are your own skin concerns and skin type?

My skin type is normal/combination which fluctuates slightly depending on the weather and season. My concerns vary but revolve mainly around acne/blemishes with a propensity for dehydration and blocked pores.

How can my brand work with you and MANFACE?

To work directly with MANFACE, there are two main options: sponsored posts and banner advertising. The specifics and prices can all be discussed on an individual basis by emailing me.

To work with me, I do event hosting and public speaking to talk about a brand or product; beauty retail and customer service training; blog and feature writing as well as social media takeovers (advice / Q&A) so get in touch by emailing me.