About Thom Watson

I’m a qualified skincare expert and marketing director with 15 years working in online and offline retail.

My experience encompasses national and international luxury and niche beauty and lifestyle brands, including consultancy with Estée Lauder Companies, Procter & Gamble and Philips Electronics. I have worked on projects with beauty industry icons such as Jo Malone, Lyn Harris, Amanda Lacey, Marian Newman, Mark Constantine and many others.

Manface, The Blog

I was also the author of Manface, the previous incarnation of this website, which was the UK’s most prominent, award-winning, men’s skincare blog, active between 2011 and 2016, as well as being featured in the Guardian, Sunday Times, Daily Mail, Daily Beast, Professional Beauty and El País.

Digital Marketing Director

In establishing Manface, I fell in love with every element of digital marketing including Digital PR, content and editorial writing, technical SEO and web development (which was also a passion since I was a child). Since founding the blog, I have been able to work with many of the world’s largest brands inside and outside of the beauty sector to create cutting edge strategies to drive millions of £’s of revenue.

With this love of search and online e-commerce, I am currently the Director of Natural Search Marketing of an exceptionally talented team at Flaunt Digital, working largely with lifestyle retail brands on CRO, Digital PR, Editorial and Technical SEO Development.

Consultancy Projects

Below are some of the consultancy projects I’ve been proud to work on with some of the globe’s biggest beauty brands. For more of my work history, feel free to visit my LinkedIn profile.

Estée Lauder Companies

Consulting for an ELC brand on male grooming, specifically on the drivers behind changes in the male appearance, the modern grooming routine as well as shifts in product and brand communications in this space.

Wilkinson Sword, Edgewell Personal Care

For Wilkinson Sword, working on insights and trends contributing predictions for where men’s grooming will be headed that year and beyond for an internal and external brand report.

Sturm und Drang GmbH

Consultancy project on the understand of existing beauty stereotypes and perception of the beauty industry in UK for an industry leading beauty brand.

Avène, Pierre Fabre Group

Partnered with Avène on the launch of Tolérance Extrême through a variety of media and social projects. The launch was exceptionally successful achieving a very wide online and marketplace reach.

Procter & Gamble

Consultancy project for Old Spice analysing the grooming category, cultural attitudes to masculinity, advertising, retail and availability and product quality.


Consulting for Philips on the men’s grooming market ahead of a series of key Philishave product launches. Produced a report presented in Amsterdam to the global leadership board.


Worked with Lynx and their UK PR team on the nationwide launch of the Lynx Peace range through a variety of online and offline campaigns including editorial, social and charity partnerships.