Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male The Travel Flask

As I know it is for many, this is one of  favourite fragrances of all time. It has style, heritage and class; a blend of lavender, vanilla and mint form this rich scent that stays with you all day. Now it has evolved into the Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male The Travel Flask.

The fragrance normally ships in the iconic torso bottle clad in navy uniform stripes but this Limited Edition bottle is designed to be ideal for travel. Designed to look like a hip flask, the rubberised striped body is encased in thick, highly reflective metal. The pump is locked in by a solid metal clip that gives a really reassuring metallic snap when it closes and prevents the spray from depressing when its in your travel bag.

The Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male The Travel Flask comes only in 125ml, which means that its not suitable for hand luggage as there is still a 100ml limit per item, but because of how heavy duty the bottle is, there is no reason it wouldn’t be as safe as houses in your suitcase.

I fell in love with the bottle when I saw it as I had recently come to the end of my torso bottle and the price is the same. As if the presentation of this product couldn’t get any better it comes in a specially shaped and foam padded metal tin.

Jean Paul Gaultier “LE MALE” The Travel Flask £65/125ml at Travel Retail Stores

Posted at 21:41 April 4, 2012

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