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Through MANFACE and MANFACE Digital, I have been self employed for around 5 years. I left the University of Manchester to pursue the blog and finished my degree with the OU, all whilst working from my apartment and commuting regularly between Yorkshire and London. There were lunches, launches, celebrity parties and more freebies than you can shake a stick at. I felt like a young, gay Edina Monsoon and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

REN Perfect Canvas Skin Enhancing Priming Serum

This is the new serum from Ren that gives all the treatment benefits of a lightweight serum, but the silicone-free benefits of a primer. I think this is a great one for guys as even if you get your skincare regime spot-on, by the middle of the day, we can all still get a bit shiny. However, normal ‘primers’ are often loaded with ingredients (smoothers and oil absorbers) that although aren’t the end of the world, skin could probably do without.

The Impact of Selfie Culture at the Saatchi Gallery with Huawei

Apologies for the slight radio silence over the past few weeks, you may have seen I’ve had a bit of time off and also have some exciting news and content to share over the next few weeks. However, this came into my inbox today and I thought was a great read, especially considering the whole #Instafraud debate with people now photo-shopping themselves into fake locations! This isn’t sponsored content, I just found it very interesting and insightful. Plus it’s unusual for a tech brand to explore such insight into people’s lives of which their products have so much impact – are you ever without your humble smartphone?