Which is the Best Shampoo for My Hair Concern?

The world of shampoos and conditioners is a minefield. Sadly advertising rules are easily skirted around with hundreds of brands implying fake claims they cannot support. We’ve all heard phrases like “hair looks healthier” and “hair feels smoother” – just because your hair looks healthier and feels smoother, doesn’t mean it actually is!

Halloween 2015 with LUSH Ltd

Boo! This year LUSH Ltd have come up with something a little different for Christmas Halloween (it’a all blending into one at the moment) rather than purely a range of bath ballistics bath bombs. No, this time there’s 4 core products including the Nightwing Shower Jelly; Lord of Misrule Shower Scream; Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb (a returning favourite); Sparkly (*sigh*) Pumpkin Bubble Bar.