Thierry Mugler Amen

My all time favourite fragrance would probably have to be Thierry Mugler Amen. I’ve used it since I was 13 and will always remain my fragrance of choice. The day I have none of that in the house, you may as well kill me- I’m already dead. To this day however, I’m corrected in perfume departments, by supercilious bitches correcting my pronunciation of ‘Ar-men’ (the correct pronunciation I might add), to the American ‘Ae-men’, nobs, despite the fact that Thierry Mugler is bloody FRENCH!? So he definitely doesn’t say ‘Ae-men’. Every time! Anyway I digress…

It’s a fairly deep fragrance and so you only really need one spray, otherwise you’re in danger of gassing yourself out and everyone else around you- something to be avoided/worth avoiding however nice it is. As soon as you spray it, you get the top notes Bergamot, Lavender, Coriander and Peppermint. As the day wears on, the middle notes  of Patchouli and Atlas Cedar start to come through, and by the time you’re lounging in the evening,  you’re left with the stunning sultry notes of Coffee, Styrax, Tonka and Musk. If you spray this on your jacket, the bottom notes stay on for a very long time- for days, sometimes weeks aftewards, people will be commenting how deliciously sweet you smell. You’ll be certain to impress!

Oh! The body spray deodorant is beautiful as well, although it did annoy me when they changed it from the aerosol to the pump spray. It’s not as convenient, but admittedly it does stop you from filling the room.

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