Razor Burn / Shave Rash Reviews

Rituals Grooming / The Art of The Samurai

I think in 5 years, this is the first time Rituals has appeared on MANFACE. A Dutch brand, inspired by Japanese rituals and skincare – it’s a bit of an odd one. Their products sit in that ‘masstige’ market alongside The Body Shop and Yves Rocher et al. They’re still not massive in the UK, with a mixture of stores and I’ve spotted them in House of Fraser every now and then – they’re much bigger on the continent and pretty big in Spain where I’ve seen them a fair few times.

The all NEW Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 & Hydro 5 Sensitive: 125 Years of Innovation

You know how much I love the Wilkinson Hydro series with reviews here, here, here and here. I find it really hard to wet shave as the follicles on my face and neck are the same as on my hair, like a gunniea pig’s with hairs growing in every direction. Wilkinson Sword Hydro’s continue to be the only razors that keep my sensitive skin calm and closely shaven.