Body Sun Protection Reviews

NEW Clinique Mineral Sunscreen for Face and Body

Exciting! Mother MANFACE has used Clinique Sunscreens since the dawn of time (probably since they were created) and I’ve used them intermittently. The problem I had with them was some of the body versions giving me a slight rash/reaction. This can often be the case with chemical sunscreens, that although are known for having superior protection vs. mineral, can be a little more volatile.

Sol De Janeiro – Sua Pele Nossa Praia

Sol De Janeiro – Sua Pele Nossa Praia According to their website, Sol de Janeiro was founded by a group of friends who share a passion for all things Brazilian. A group that collectively realized that in a country known for its beautiful people and their sun-kissed skin, that no one had developed a world class sun protection formula. A brand derived from natural Brazilian ingredients that provided safe, secure protection while moisturizing and restoring the natural beauty of the skin. Quite a good story huh?

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