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7 Loewe Anónimo

Well this is something a bit special. Spanish fragrance brand Loewe is relaunching its 2010, 7, WITH a new flanker 7 Loewe Anónimo. The campaign is all about giving thanks to someone, who although not anonymous to you, isn’t some global superhero appearing in the pages of Hello and Harper’s.

The all NEW Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 & Hydro 5 Sensitive: 125 Years of Innovation

You know how much I love the Wilkinson Hydro series with reviews here, here, here and here. I find it really hard to wet shave as the follicles on my face and neck are the same as on my hair, like a gunniea pig’s with hairs growing in every direction. Wilkinson Sword Hydro’s continue to be the only razors that keep my sensitive skin calm and closely shaven.