Weleda Men’s Intensive Cream

Weleda Men's Intensive Cream Moisturiser Swatch

For normal to dry skin, Weleda Men’s Intensive Cream is a powerful, hydrating and natural moisturiser designed to soothe normal/dry, irritated and rash prone skin, all without leaving a greasy film on the skin’s surface.

With a base of Jojoba, an oil that is chemically similar to our own natural skin oils; hydrating glycerin and nourishing cocoa butter, shea butter and beeswax with bacteria killing witch hazel.

Only a small amount is needed, it can be used both day and night and once absorbed, skin is left with a healthy but non-greasy glow; feeling soft and with the moisture barrier balanced and intact. Weleda Men’s Intensive Cream is also perfect for seasonal use, to banish winter tightness through those cold and dry-air winter months.

Weleda Men’s Intensive Cream is available for £13.95 here, direct from Weleda.

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