The all NEW Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 & Hydro 5 Sensitive: 125 Years of Innovation

You know how much I love the Wilkinson Hydro series with reviews here, here, here and here. I find it really hard to wet shave as the follicles on my face and neck are the same as on my hair, like a gunniea pig’s with hairs growing in every direction. Wilkinson Sword Hydro’s continue to be the only razors that keep my sensitive skin calm and closely shaven.

To be always open and honest, Wilkinson Sword have sponsored me to feature them but only to ask if I’d share the news on the newly redesigned Hydro 5. My comments regarding the use of the product, it’s performance and my own views are 100% unbiased.

The Hydro 5 with it’s 5 ultra sharp blades has had a refresh. The blades still give great performance as they are close together and glide over the skin with minimal risk of causing knicks and accidental cuts. So what’s new?


Hydrating Gel Pools

This is what makes it perfect for sensitive skin, the hydration pools are super-thick and long lasting, proven to last longer than any others on the market and delivering 40% less friction. It really does feel different and means you almost don’t feel the hairs being cut. It allows the head to glide but still allows you to keep control (it’s not ‘slippy’).

Flip Trimmer

I feel so stupid, really, but I never fully twigged it did this! How bad is that? I knew it was a feature, but never really thought about it. Simply flick the hydration pool plastic back and you’re totally free to precision groom. This is perfect for those hairs that sit just under the nose and under your lip/on the chin.

Advanced Skin Guards and Reduced Blade Span

See this is what makes it work. By reducing the blade span it prevents skin pinching and slicing whilst being excellent at lifting and cutting the hair. Then the guard bars prevent you slicing into yourself but again without being intrusive to your shave; it’s always close!

The Handle

So pretty! The colour palette has been updated to blue and black with that gorgeous metal (also black and rubberised grips; it certainly feels more expensive than £10. The new hydro 5 is super well weighted, try playing around with it’s center of gravity and balance it on your finger, you’ll see what I mean! The blade has full vertical movement and some horizontal movement.

Hydro 5 Sensitive

The NEW Hydro 5 sensitive gives you all the benefits and features of the original with the addition of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E being worked into the hydration pools to calm and protect the skin as you’re shaving. I have to say, it feels amazing!

The all NEW Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 and Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Sensitive are RRP £9.99 each and purchase locations are available here from the Wilkinson Sword website. Just a note, it seems most retailers are cycling through rather than completely changing the lines so as stock turns over, the new Hydro 5’s will be more widely available.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 05:20 April 7, 2016

There’s nowhere for the shaving cream to collect at the base of the blade, so you end up having shaving cream smudge across your face as you shave. I’m not sure I see much value in the hydrating pads, that’s what shaving cream is for.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 16:55 March 6, 2016


I’ve compared the ingredients lists of both these new shavers and both of them have the Aloe Vera and Vitamin E that Wilkinson Sword are touting the Sensitive for having, in the same order was well I.e greater quantity first.
Is it just a “name” to sell it at a higher cost than the normal product?

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