Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5

Now, despite having the facial hair of a menopausal woman, I do occasional need to shave, and having very fair and easily irritated skin, its something I find tricky.

Now, this is not a new product I’ll be by any means but this has been my razor of choice for some time after picking on up as a promotional give away on the streets of Manchester (now that’s a good promotional campaign).

The razor is a standard razor with disposable heads. Its the Hydro 5 as there are 5 blades allowing for an unbelievable glide, removing hair in one single stroke. I used to use Gillette Fusion of which I was incredibly satisfied with for years but after trying the Hydro, there was no comparison. The cartridge head is extremely flexible and shapes perfectly to the contours of your face allowing for a much smoother glide. The cartridge is also loaded with a gentle lubricant which makes this smooth experiences even smoother, you won’t believe how smooth this smoothness really is… It’s smooth.

Its one of the only razors that doesn’t leave me with any form or rash and furthermore the blades last for absolutely ages before they need changing. I really like Clinique’s M Shave Aloe Gel as its brilliantly thick and rich and since I started shaving as a teenager its always done me proud.

Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 £8.19 at Boots Online

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