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Now, you may or may not have read my glittering review of the Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Razor. I’d picked one up at a student fair a couple of years back and have thoroughly enjoyed it every since. I used to be a biiiig Gillette fan, swearing by the Fusion, until I got hold of this lot. The blades at Wilkinson seem to give a better glide, smoother and closer finish as well as not leaving my skin with tiny little red marks and micro-cuts.

Wilkinson Sword picked up on this article from the might Internet and thought I might like to try their shave prep products. Oh how right they were.

The range consists of three products, a shave gel, shave cream and an aftershave balm. All have been dermatologist tested and are designed to hydrate, which can benefit the driest to the oiliest skin type.

The shave gel is fantastic, really thick. Once on the skin, it stays and refuses to slide off therefore giving you time to be more precise with your razor and ensuring it stays sufficiently lubricated. It cools the skin on contact and after rinsing, feels soft and calm. This comes in both a sensitive and moisturising formula, so the choice is yours. I had the sensitive version and found it perfect for my combination skin.

The cream was nice, I’ll be honest, I’ve never been a massive user of shave creams as I’ve always preferred the functionality and ease of the gel, but this product was stunning. After dampening the skin, I massaged it thoroughly all over and again, it provided for a fantastic glide against my razor. This product is designed to be moisturising and I can see this product being more suitably for someone with a drier skin type as it was very nourishing and with me having a more oily combination skin, I did need to give it a bit of a wash afterwards.

The balm had a weird consistency that I loved. It was neither a cream nor a gel but sort of an in-between. It sank in ridiculously fast and left a stunning cooling sensation on the skin, you could almost feel your pores closing up. Skin was intensely hydrated, as I believe is the product design, but it really did, feeling calm and comforted.

These products are perfect to compliment the Hydro razor range, but to be honest, even if you prefer another brand of razor, give these prep items a try because they are far superior to a lot of the stuff that’s out there lining our supermarket shelves and their price point is excellent!

Wilkinson Sword Hydro Skincare at Boots

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