L’Occitane Shea Honey Hand Cream

The Shea Honey Hand Cream from L’Occitane. I was told by the consultant in their Manchester store that this is unfortunately a limited edition!

The hand cream is beautifully thick when it comes out the tube and you only need a small amount. You would immediately think because it is so thick that its going to be overly heavy on the skin, well not even in the slightest! It sinks in almost immediately and hands feel unbelievable hydrated with no trace of the product remaining as some hand care can leave a film. I do actually get the odd dry patch on my hand which are irritating to say the least but disappear pretty much straight after applying the product.

The magic ingredient that causes it to work so well is shea butter of which this contains 20%, an ingredient that L’Occitane is famous for with their Shea Hand Cream. The honey scent is stunning and is not sickly sweet or artificial therefore in my opinion perfect for any guy that just wants to take better care of his hands but likes to smell a little sugary. Buy it!

Shea Honey Hand Cream £7.50/3ml at L’Occitane Online

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