Philips Diamond Clean Electric Toothbrush HX9332

Looking after your teeth is just as important as exercising and eating well and should be taken as seriously and electrical dental care has been something pretty massive especially over the last 10 years. First there were the mechanical versions with the rotating brush head, to then the world of Sonicare®, technology acquired by Philips in 2000. I was privileged to receive a Philips DiamondClean Sonic toothbrush to try out for my very self.


A sonic toothbrush works by vibrating at an unbelievable high rate, resulting in a rate of brush strokes, the DiamondClean is around 31,000 brush strokes per minute (compared to around 2,500 of a ‘standard’ rotary electrical tooth brush). The cool thing about Sonicare® brushes is that as well as the bristles directly dislodging build up, it sends vibrations through the fluids in your mouth resulting in waves of pressure knocking away plaque and bacteria as well as resulting bubbles working a little like Vanish stain powder around the mouth, fizzing the crap away.

This brush is amazing. No contest. The best clean I’ve ever had. The device has a battery life of around 3 weeks for 2 minutes twice a day and the battery light illuminates amber when its running low. There’s a hidden display of the settings which illuminates when the device is switched on. There are 5 settings which are clean, white, polish, gum care and sensitive. There is a timer of 2 minutes and the device gives a little buzz to let you know the times up but obviously you can continue if you wish. I can honestly say that my teeth have never been this white and clean outside of getting a full dentist air polish and scrape (even the word sends shudders).

Now I wanted to make sure that I got the most out of my Philips DiamondClean, so I got some advice from my dental hygienist before hand. She recommended as follows: Don’t use it as you would a normal tooth brush, slowly move the brush along the teeth, with the brush being half on the tooth and half on the gums, this will clean out and strengthen the gums. Hold the brush at about a 30 degree angle against the teeth as this works better as opposed to being straight on. Finally if you’ve never used a Sonicare® toothbrush before make sure you use it on the sensitive setting to start with and then move onto the normal setting, just because you need to get your teeth and gums used to a different cleaning method.

I had to give a special mention the the charging of this device. In the kit there is a glass tumbler (pictured) which sits atop a metal base that plugs in to a standard two-pronged socket. There’s also a travel case (pictured) and usb charger with two pronged usb socket adaptor. Now you may or may not have heard of inductive charging, the coolest thing in the world, a means of charging a device wirelessly! All you need to do is plug the metal plate in, drop the glass tumbler on top and throw your brush in and it starts charging. The travel case fits two heads and the device and has a tiny adaptor on one end for the usb cable to slot in. Plug this in to the usb wall plug or a computer with the device inside and it starts charging straight away. This is seriously one of the coolest gadgets I’ve used and this makes it that bit more awesome.

If you’re serious about dental hygiene and want to make both a physical and visual difference, then this is a toothbrush well worth considering being the flagship device for the Philips dental hygiene range. It is both highly functional and incredibly stylish and has actually made me quite excited about dental care. Give it a go.

Philips Diamond Clean Electric Toothbrush HX9332 is £124.99 and well worth the price in my opinion and that was the best price I found at Boots, think of the points?

Harvey Specter
Posted at 05:43 February 7, 2013
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