Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella

Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella, an Italian icon, celebrating 400 years of uninterrupted business, and the producers of some of the most stunning cosmetics and fragrances I’ve come accross to date. Their home is in Florence, Italy, but I was told about this right here in Barcelona by my landlady. Well, needless to say, I was right on the metro heading down to the Carrer de l’Espaseria, just a stones throw away from the port.

The store is very unassuming, hidden down one of Barcelona’s many narrow and winding streets. The whole store has such a beautiful feel to it the second you walk in. Cabinets of wood and glass, sweet smells in the air and swing jazz playing gently in the background. It really is like stepping back in time.

The product library is immense, from shaving to candles and perfumes to pet care, there’s something for everyone, with each item housed in beautiful packaging, worn and aged to reflect the distinct heritage of the brand.

I tried a couple of things from the store, but choosing was immensely difficult. Luckily, Elisabet who is a full time resident of the store knows everything, I mean everything, I challenge you to find one product she can’t passionately share with you, in Spanish and also brilliant English. This is how all cosmetics advisors should be.

It eventually boiled down to three weird and wonderful things. The first being the Tabacco Toscano Candel. Presented in a box of the same style, this beautiful deep brown coloured candle, with it’s logo hand painted in gold, exudes a beautiful tobacco fragrance inspired by the famous Tuscan cigar made by Manifattura di Lucca. The notes are a bouquet of woody oriental notes and smoky vanilla. You need only burn this candle for around an hour at a time, and it’s quite powerful! It just enshrouds you in warmth.

The second choice was Dentifricio Fior D’iris toothpaste. It’s very odd to say the least, a strange colour that doesn’t give much foam, but leaving teeth amazingly sparkly and white. It’s beautifully strange and unique composition of kaolin, orris root, menthol and sanguinaria means that it provides an amazing clean without being abrasive.

Finally, the enchanting Melograno soap. A beautifully traditional ‘soap’ scent that gives an amazing lather and clean but without feeling abrasive and drying like many soaps do. The soap’s scent is based on their own fragrance of the same name; a bouquet of sweet floral oriental notes and it goes without saying, pomegranate.

If you want to escape the sometimes same-y world of conventional cosmetics then this is definitely worth visiting. The atmosphere of the store alone is worth the trip with the cosmetics speaking for themselves.

If you’ve been here before or used any of their products then I’d love to know so please drop me a comment in the section below.

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Posted at 02:40 July 9, 2015
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