Christmas with LUSH Ltd: The Best Fresh and Handmade Gifts of 2014

LUSH Christmas 2

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town £33.90

Lush Santa Clause
This is probably my favourite gift; for £33.90 you get so much! Plus, even if you’re grown up, will enjoy the stickers and pin badges included. There’s also a letter from Santa – aww!
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Product-wise, you’re getting the whole kit and caboodle with 8 of the new festive additions. The stickers you get are to create your own Christmas scenes on the box. I can definitely see me doing this, bored, on Christmas Eve, and by bored… I mean drunk.

Butterbear Bath Bomb – loaded with gentle and softening shea butter with a vanillary fragrance.

Reindeer Rock Soap – infused with berries and bergamot (if you ever meet Olivia Glorney, LUSH Digital PR, she’ll immediately tell you there’s a pregnant reindeer on some slices of the soap – I think it’s her favourite Christmas fact?).

Golden Wonder Bath Ballistic – infused with Lime, Sweet Orange oil and far too much ‘lustre’ (bloody annoying glitter) than is safe – still makes a gorgeous bath though and it looks like a Christmas present!

Holly Golightly Bubble Bar – The cutest looking LUSH Ltd product this Christmas, producing an obscene amount of bubbles and scented with patchouli, lime, clove and sweet orange whilst turning the bath festive green.

Snow Angel Bath Melt – soft in scent with rose/benzoin and massively hydrating with copious amounts of cocoa butter. It melts into the bath turning the water slightly cloudy and left my skin silken to the touch. Heavenly – if you’ll pardon the pun.

Snowman Jelly – No. Just no. Nope. Nopey, no, no, no. It smells amazingly herbal and citrussy but has the consistency of snot; the really bad snot you get with a cold. Try and use it in the shower and it’ll fly out of your hands at a million miles per hour into the plug hole and you’ll end up thinking ‘frig-it’ then crushing it into your feet to give them the best wash of their life. Oh, it looks like a snowman; a snowman with osteoporosis.

So White Shower Gel – Apples are my favourite fruit and this is loaded with them (plus Cider*), as well as neroli and rose water. I don’t think it’s particularly seasonal and would be fabulous in the spring; maybe keep this permanently LUSH Ltd? Absolutely beautiful body cleanser with plenty froth and skin is left deeply cleansed.

*The asterisk is to remind me to tell you to try Brothers’ Toffee Apple Cider; a combination of gorgeous English Cider and cream soda. I couldn’t drink more than one in a sitting as it’s rather sweet, but it’s seriously delicious.

Dashing Santa Bath Bomb – Ho, Ho, Ho! Super simple and once again, heavy with the lemon and orange oils. Turns the bath gorgeously red and such a fun product. I saw someone on Twitter winge about it staining their bath but it didn’t mine, although if your bath is grubby and coated in water calcium, then yeah, it’ll colour it, duh – just clean your bath!

Joy To The World £8.50

Lush Joy To The WorldSo cute. Just adorable as a gift and only £8.50. As with all the LUSH Ltd Christmas gifts, it comes beautifully wrapped with glitzy ribbon and shiny gold embellishments. This is a great token gift, possible for the teacher from the kids?

Lush Joy To The World 2

Snowcake soap – It’s marzipan soap, what the hell else could you possible want at Christmas? With acacia, benzoin and rose-water, it’s deliciously hydrating and superbly cleansing. If you’re not a glitter *cough* sorry, ‘Lustre’ fan, it rinses off pretty much after the first couple of uses.

Dream Cream – or should I say Steeeaaam Creeeaaam *raises eyebrow*. This is the best selling LUSH Ltd product and you may very well have heard of the aforementioned Steam Cream brand before. Well, that’s LUSH – made and packaged in the same factories. I saw it with my own eyes. With oatmeal, rose-water, lavender and cocoa; it’s the perfect winter skin protector.

Cosy Christmas £18.95

Lush Merry ChristmasThis is just luxury. Cosy Christmas is the perfect couple’s gift for a quiet Christmas together. Wrapped in a reusable festive knot-wrap made from recycled plastic bottles (you’d never guess) and patterned with a festive motif.

Lush Merry Christmas 2
As well as the Snowcake marzipan soap and Snowman Shower Jelly (see above for those two) there’s also Celebrate Body Lotion and the sensationally seasonal (four years later, these just roll off the tongue) Hot Toddy shower gel.

Celebrate Body Lotion – Orange blossom, lime, almond oil, orange oil and a dash of cognac. It’s rich on the skin but non-greasy and is super for protecting arms and legs in the dry, blasting winter air.

Hot Toddy Shower Gel – Wow. Just wow. There’s nothing about this product I don’t love; I even overlook the fact it contains ‘lustre’. With ginger, orange, clove, patchouli, benzoin and cinnamon on a base of aloe vera gel – it’s simply delicious, warming and invigorating all the same time. Definitely one of my favourites this year; I’ll be sad when it’s gone.

Happy Christmas £23.95

Lush Happy Christmas 2
This is a mum gift with luxurious anti-ageing moisturiser, seasonal lip scrub, body exfoliator, So White Shower Gel (see above for more on that one) and gorgeous soap; all housed in a big purple box tied up in green… sofa hem? It’s pretty anyway, don’t you think?
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Santa’s Lip Scrub – cherries, coconut oil, Persian lime, dates and caster sugar, it tastes as well as it scrubs in this lip priming gem. My lips always dry out in winter, despite using copious amounts of lip balm, so this just ensures they’re able to be better hydrated.

Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub – Mimosa, sea salt and orange, this deeply exfoliating body scrub can also be used to cleanse and volumise hair adding gorgeous shine.

Million Dollar Moisturiser – With more gems than Jackie Collins; this super moisturiser for normal/dry skin is packed with honey, shea, jojoba and UVA/UVB protection. Leaves the skin ultra soft with a gentle tinted glow (it’s 100% not makeup, I assure you).

Baked Alaska Soap – I always thought baked Alaska was cake, ice-cream and meringue, but according to LUSH, it’s coconut, ylang-ylang and grapefruit oil. This super citrussy soap is ultra-refreshing and a perfect wake-me-up.

Festive Cheer £10.25

Lush Festive Cheer 1Another gorgeous token gift with two of the best Christmas products from LUSH this year all wrapped up in red and orange (seriously, I’d kill to get an order from their wrapping paper supplier for my own presents). There’s the Hot Toddy Shower Gel (mentioned already above) and the delicious Yog Nog Soap.

Lush Festive Cheer 2
Yog Nog Soap – I was lucky enough to witness this being made (and was sworn to secrecy at the time) on my visit to the LUSH Ltd factories at Poole in Dorset at the end of August. With a base of soya yoghurt, clove oil, ylang-ylang and nutmeg, it’s insanely seasonal and leaves skin feeling super-soft.

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Got to love Lush Christmas, I like the wow box x

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