Acqua di Parma Colonia

It took me a while to take a photo that I really thought captured the fragrance, and I think, well, I hope, I did it.

This fragrance review was and will still be part of a collective round up of some of the world’s best heritage fragrances to get you set for Father’s day 2012, the problem is, I couldn’t wait to get it on the site, somethings are just too good to wait and this is certainly one of them.

This beautifully masculine, fresh citrus fragrance was originally intended to be warn on the handkerchiefs of Italian men all the way back in 1916, making this scent 96 years old. With sicilian citrus, jasmine, verbena and Bulgarian rose and a base of oriental woods such as cedar, vetiver, and ylang-ylang.

As well as the mouth watering lemon, the yang-yland and vetiver give a stunning pulse old fashioned soap. As the day’s sun begins to set, cedar comes into play and it becomes warm and gentle like an evening at the height of summer. The pump feels a little weighted, so when you press down, you really feel as if you’re doing something and a wide spread fine mist is released.

Despite being an Italian fragrance, it reminds me of being in Spain, seeing old Spanish men, sat lining narrow streets on fold up chairs, chatting, drinking, snacking whilst laughing lengthily and heartily through a Sunday afternoon. It’s a true classic that predates them all and one that no man should be without. Both lighthearted and but demanding of your respect.

I know this might sound daft but where you buy a fragrance is as important as smelling it for the first time, get the environment right. The places I feel matches this perfectly would be somewhere like John Lewis or Harvey Nichols, somewhere that’s calmer and more beautifully slow paced. When you go in, have a look at the Candles and other complementing products in the range, they’re just as tempting.

Acqua di Parma Colonia £76/100ml at John Lewis Online


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