Miller Harris Fleurs De Sel: Memories of Brittany

After the gorgeous weather we’ve been having over the last few days I decided it would be ideal to post about this gorgeous scent from Miller Harris – Fleurs De Sel. Inspired by the herbs and flowers that surround the famous salt fields of the Côte Sauvage.

Miller Harris Fleurs de Sel 3

Miller Harris Fleurs de Sel 2

Miller Harris Fleurs de Sel 4

This is undoubtedly a gent’s fragrance, with beautiful and delicate Côte Sauvage florals of iris nobilis, narcisse flowers and rose, reinforced by by peppery ambrette seed, vetiver grass, moss and leather. The top is a herbal blend of red thyme oil, rosemary and clary sage. It weaves between floral and herbal whilst retaining ultimate masculinity, but it’s not obvious and full-on.

In the warm weather thats’ temporarily wrapped itself around the UK this week, this has been a gorgeous fragrance for the daytime, it cools and calms yet has a pulsing warmth from deep inside. This is stunning for the warm days of Spring and will be divine on a late-summer’s eve. You can actually check out the Miller Harris blog that shows you a little bit more about the fragrance and information on the Fleurs de Sel salt, exclusive to Miller Harris stores.

So you’re liking the sound of this then? You can pick it up direct here from the Miller Harris online store. It’s available in two sizes, 50ml for £65 and 100ml for £95.

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