Penhaligon’s Portraits – The Uncompromising Sohan Reviewed

Penhaligon’s Portraits collection paints a bizarrely fictional representation of British aristocracy through a series of unique period-inspired character fragrances. Sohan is one of these Portrait characters and this “Merchant of Alexandria” bears the Indian name of charming and handsome.

Ambitious and astute Sohan has worked diligently and with flair to establish himself in the world of troublesome affairs. Visionary, some would say right time-right place, nudge-nudge wink-wink don’t mention the Suez Canal, his business relationships have (al)most naturally turned into amicable ties: Lord George and Lady Blanche are always thrilled to welcome a well-travelled guest. A master key can open many doors.

The Sohan fragrance is intoxicating and my favourite of the portraits. It’s a masculine rose with, taking oud, florals, woods and spices to create the ultimate barrel brew-style scent. It’s a little boozy too. Notes are Rosebud, Pink pepper, Saffron, Cistus Labdanum Absolute, Vetiver, Sandalwood, Oud Laos Oil. It’s silage and longevity are spectacular so be careful when spritzing.

It’s no surprise that The Uncompromising Sohan will at least start as a Harrods exclusive as it panders exceptionally well to the middle-eastern market.

Each of the Portraits characters is represented by a distinct and unique animal. Sohan takes the form of a gold, Golden Eagle – proud, majestic, with unapologetic strength; a very accurate physical interpretation of what you’ll find inside the bottle.

The incredibly detailed artwork for the Portraits collection is by renowned graphic artist, Kristjana Williams. Her style reflects botanicals, atmosphere and animals, drawing from her Icelandic childhood.

Currently a Harrods exclusive, Sohan is £178/75ml and can be found here on the Penhaligon’s website. The rest of the Portraits collection can also be found on their website, here.

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