NEW Jo Malone London: The Herb Garden

I’ve got to be honest, it’s been a while since I’ve really fallen in love with a Jo Malone London limited edition collection; always remembering that god-awful macaroon and cake range they did a couple of years back with the subtly and sophistication of a cat wearing a rainbow-unicorn onesie. However, The Herb Garden is something a bit special indeed and has made me re-consider my life in general.

The model fronting the campaign is Gitte Lee – Danish style icon and widow of the late Dracula/Saruman/Count Dooku himself, Christopher Lee. I think you’ll agree the photography is timeless and quintessentially British. jmlherb The Jo Malone London Herb Garden collection has 5 individual fragrances; each distinctly different from the other ranging from light to deep:

Sorrel & Lemon Thyme
Wild Strawberry & Parsley
Nasturtium & Clover
Carrot Blossom & Fennel
Lavender & Coriander

My absolute 2 favourites are the Sorrel & Lemon Thyme and the Carrot Blossom & Fennel. Completely unisex and the most bizarre mix of fragrance notes you’ll find. The Sorrel & Lemon Thyme seems to have a jumping off point of an Italian citrus cologne, but has this creamy, mossy base that gives it dimension and depth.

The Carrot Blossom & Fennel is just plain weird, I love it! You’re immediately hit with ripe, grated carrot and freshly picked fennel, livening up with rose and orange-flower waters and dotted notes of iris.

The collection will be available nationwide from March 2016 and each 30ml Cologne is priced at £44 each.

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