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Perfumer H by Lyn Harris


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When I first found out about the Perfumer H venture I had to keep my gob shut for sooo long but it has definitely been worth the wait. Perfumer H is the new brand from Lyn Harris after her depart from Miller Harris1

The fragrances in the photo are lab samples whilst the retailed products are housed glass that has been hand blown and uniquely coloured by Michael Ruh which can then be engraved for the customer.


Definitely one of my most loved of the bunch with true, freshly unboxed leather accompanied by rose and iris. It’s very realistic.


Rose is definitely the fashion for 2016 and this is a beautiful, sweet English rose with carrot seed, amber and black pepper.


Sweet and cirtrus. Heliotrope takes sherbet citrus notes that soften and sweeten with the heliotrope florals and a delicate vanilla (you know how crazy I am for vanilla). There’s also a little frankincense in there for depth.


Although all of the Perfumer H scents are for him and for her, Velvet deffinitely falls more into the latter with strength and feminine guile. Composed of bergamot, angelica, galbanum, iris, violet, oakmoss and frankincense. It’s soapy and so very comforting.


Actually this is my favourite. Cologne is a take on a traditional Italian cologne with citrus orange that then soothes down to green grass, mint and herbs. So refreshing like a summer cocktail with just a tiny hint of sweetness. Mouth-watering and delicious. slide-perfumerh

Seasonal Editions

In a principle similar to the fashion industry, Perfumer H will feature seasonal editions based on Lyn’s predictions of upcoming fragrance trends. These sit in the five fragrance families of citrus, floral, wood, fern and oriental.

Laboratory Editions

Then there are the Laboratory Editions, making fragrance couture and ultra-exclusive. The customer can buy any one of these fragrances or even buy the actual formula so they can own it outright and have your own bespoke Lyn Harris creation.

Home Fragrance

As well as personal fragrances, there are now 5 gorgeous home fragrance candles that currently include ivy, dandelion, smoke, fern and marmalade.


Perfumer H is currently only available to order over the phone on +44 (0) 207 258 7859 or in store 106a Crawford Street, London, W1H 2HZ.

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