Sampar Glamour Shot

You may not have heard of Sampar before and if you’re in the UK, you may be forgiven for not doing, but I can exclusively tell you that they’ll be launching here in the UK this spring. Sampar is France’s biggest selling skincare company, their products are truly innovative, equally as outstanding and despite not featuring in the manliest of packaging, they should not be overlooked by anyone. I discovered the range in Sephora back in Summer when I was working in Barcelona and stupidly resisted buying anything from the collection at the time.

Sampar Glamour Shot Eyes

So you’ve probably already read my review of Sampar Glamour Shot (if you haven’t, it’s here and a great place to start) and discovered the amazing skin brightening, tightening and lightening benefits it has to offer, so what about the eye area? To get the most from your skin, always look for separate eye products as the difference in skin physiology is quite vast.

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