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Last weekend Sampar officially launched here in the UK. Hurrah! Sampar Glamour Shot is the product that initially brought me to the brand (you need this in your life) and with every new addition to my Sampar collection, I’ve not yet ceased to be impressed.

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Sampar First Hand Cream is a great anti-ageing handcream that has been designed to restore firmness and plumpness to the skin. I suffer with both a little eczema on my hands as well as some quite nasty patches of occupational dermatitis that persistently flare up on my fingers; all, I believe, from working with so many chemicals on my hands for all these years (I believe it was one product in particular that triggered it but I’m keeping my lips sealed on that one) therefore my hands often require the same types of youth-restoring treatments to keep them at their best.

If you’re not familiar with dermatitis, it’s a fairly unpleasant inflammation of the skin that amongst other things can cause a slight blistering which can reveal raw areas of skin that can then sometimes become infected and become quite sore to say the least. Contact dermatitis and therefore occupational dermatitis is caused by spending a lot of time working with harsh chemicals. This is a real problem for a huge proportion of people who work in the beauty industry. I’ll tweet a picture if you’re desperate to see but I didn’t particularly want to plaster it here on the blog.

Sampar First Hand Cream has really been a godsend. My main gripe is that hand creams designed for dry or aged hands are often very rich and greasy and you’re left sliding on everything you touch. Sampar have actually created a product that’s deeply rich and nourishing but without it remaining on the surface of the skin.

With Bdellium Extract (similar to myrrh) to maintain skin tone and firmness; Encapsulated Hyaluronic Acid, a powerful humectant, forces moisture to bond to skin cells; Vitamin B3 retains skin hydration and is reported to reduce the surface appearance of hyperpigmentation and finally the unique Sampar Urban Advance Complex, a blend of powerful anti-oxidants and skin regeneration triggers.

I’ve noticed the differences over the 4 weeks I’ve been using this. Firstly the areas of prolonged dermatitis on my fingers and eczema on my hand have become a lot less noticeable but more importantly, less easily inflamed and prone to drying out. These areas look plumped, firmed and feel very soft to the touch.

I only have two tiny gripes with this product; there is a tiny amount of silicon which isn’t greasy in the least but for a short while there’s a slight ‘artificially silky’ feeling. Secondly it is a bit fragrance heavy but I’m pretty harsh when it comes to judging product fragrances. I can however, forgive all this due to the incredibly fast acting efficacy Sampar First Hand Cream brings to the table.

It sinks in straight away so do be generous with how much you use. It comes with a fine-nozzle applicator so is great to get the amount you need without having a product left covered in dried and congealed product. The tube is a soft pink which isn’t ideal for a lot of guys but you’ll just have to live with it; it’s worth the sacrifice.

Sampar First Hand Cream has only just launched in France so we’re yet to see it stocked in the UK, but I’m sure it’s only going to be a matter of weeks until we see it. Sampar is stocked both here at M&S Beauty online and here at

Harvey Specter
Posted at 13:37 May 11, 2013

This sounds like a nice product, but I think the solution is to get away all together from the cause of the problem. I know that may not always be possible, especially when its your job. I’ve seen some people who work in laboratories who have really bad skin on their hands from harsh cleansing agents they have to use. No amount of product is going to help, in my view, if your still exposing the skin to the cause. No easy solutions here is there.


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