The Body Shop Hemp Hand Oil

I get dry hands. They used to be completely fine, but over the last few years, I’ve been getting dry patches on my fingers that are flare ups of eczema. I’ve used many hand creams but the problem is that they often tend to sit on top as dry and dead skin cells often block the emollients and moisturiser from entering the skin.

So, The Body Shop is obviously one of the few companies that are aware of this as there really aren’t that many hand oils out there. This The Body Shop Hemp Hand Oil oil contains: Hemp seed oil, Sesame seed oil, almond oil and sunflower oil. The oil has a fantastic earthy smell of hemp, just like with the hand cream.

A few drops on its own massaged into the skin will almost immediately sink in and even though it’s an oil, won’t leave your skin feeling greasy. If you want an extra boost, add some drops to your hand cream and massage in the same; this will moisturise your skin on different levels and ease any discomfort, dryness or tightness.

There’s not really any preservative content as far as I can see, which explains why the product has a dropper bottle so as to prevent any contamination going back in the bottle, plus the fact the bottle is brown glass which filters out much sun light which can cause a product to spoil.

As well as all the fabulous ingredients and it being an amazingly well designed product the hemp seed oil is from a family-run co-operative in England. This trade helps to generate local employment, and pesticide-free cultivation methods are kind to the environment, so the product is amazing value, giving you more than just a fantastically priced hand oil!

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Vape & Co.

Has anyone shopped at The Vape Shop Vape Shop in 304 Manchester Road?

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Judson Boelke

Good Morning, I have submitted a review of your business on all cbd stores directory but it is not showing up!

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