Unboxing the NEW Nintendo Switch in 31 Photos and how I got it for £198.50

As a huge Nintendo fan, I’ve had the Nintendo Switch on pre-order since the beginning of November last year. I pre-ordered it from Gameseek with quite a hefty amount of skepticism…

The price of the console was unknown at the time, yet Gameseek were giving a guaranteed pre-order price of £198.50. I was even more skeptical when the launch price was later announced at £279.99. There was a small part of me that thought I’d never see the console or my money again.

However, today, as promised and via DPD, the Nintendo Switch arrived.

I am unbelievably happy to get my hands on it for launch day, but more so to get it at almost 30% off! So let’s get inside it!

I also ordered the Pro Controller, a case and a 128GB Micro SD Card from Amazon Prime Now.

So here it is. After being on pre-order for 6 months (and grabbing it for over £80 less than the RRP via Gameseek) my Nintendo Switch has arrived on launch day.

Pristine and shiny, the Switch was slightly smaller than I imagine, but is still a great size for portability.

It gleams. The build quality of the central unit feels very solid, premium and sturdy with a great weight.

All the attachments for the joy con controllers are heavy-duty metal.

The Joy-Con controllers, these can be used together or separately for multi-player.

After removing the top layer, all the extras can be found below.

Once you’ve connected the Switch to the TV, you can connect the Joy-Con controllers to this to use them like a traditional controller.

These connect to the Joy-Con contollers to protect the connectors and give you a sturdy wrist-strap to stop you throwing them around.

HDMI Cable and USB C. It charges using the same cable as my Google Pixel XL Phone. This means one less wire for me to carry.

The cradle. Looks great and again, a sturdy build.

The back of the cradle, inside here are all the connectors.

Sliding off the Joy-Con from the Switch.

USB C connector at the bottom of the Switch

Standard USB C cable to charge the Switch. You can even charge it from a portable battery pack.

The stand at the back of the Switch is not the sturdiest in the world but it does the job and can be reattached if it ever comes off.

The Switch with Joy-Cons attached to the handset adapter and the Switch inside the docking cradle.

Powering it on for the first time!

An extra-purchase – The Switch Pro Controller for serious gaming. This can also be used on PC.

Charges also with USB C cable which it comes with inside the box. The Switch Pro Controller comes well wrapped.

Peek at the Pro Controller inside the bag.

Here it is, a beautiful weight, semi-transparent controller. I have a feeling I’ll be using this the most; it’s familiar.

Another extra purchase – The Official Case and Screen Protector

Comes wrapped up. Pretty standard and a soft screen protector. Will probably seek out a third-party tempered glass screen protector in time as they’re safer and easier to attach.

The insnide of the case is very well padded and is quite firm. It could be a little harder I suppose, but still great support for the Switch.

Safe inside whilst Mario watches over rather ominously.

The Switch Zipped up and locked away.

Connecting the HDMI and USB C cables to the dock from the TV. The back panel of the dock flips open to reveal the connections and then keeps them tidy when finished.

The Switch looking very sleek in front of the TV.

Now just sitting, waiting for Zelda Breath of The Wild to download…

Posted at 16:54 March 6, 2017
The Kentucky Gent

AHH, so jealous. You’ll have to let me know how Zelda is. I’m kicking myself for not preordering.

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