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What’s in my box from South Korea?


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I came very early to the Korean Skincare craze with my pre-emption of BB creams back in 2012 but since then, drifted from it.

Almost every day I see new Korean brands recommended, particularly through Instagram, which look amazing and are raved about – but with such a saturated market and it often taking anywhere up to 30 days (with an extortionate amount of P&P + Import Duty) it’s hard to make a good choice! I’m hoping to source more brands and any true Korean recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Korea2 1

However, this was recommended to me on Twitter whilst asking about the perfect under-eye brightener/primer that both brightens and provides a great base for concealer. This recommendation came from Aysha and The Sunday Girl – Tony Moly Panda’s Dream Brightening Eye Base – quite possible the cutest product I’ve ever owned.

Korea3 1

Cult Beauty stock this for £10 + £3.95, but F2PLUS1 on eBay (also recommended by The Sunday Girl) sold the same for £6.99 incl. P&P and it arrived in 9 days all the way from South Korea! It also came with some Korean Snail Repair Cream samples I’m looking forward to trying out.

So what is it? It’s an ultra-cute stick primer from Tony Moly that balances out under-eye dark circles and brightens the eye area (without anything sparkly – fear not) and at the same time creates a super-smooth base giving you the option to layer your favourite under-eye concealer over the top – but you can use it just on its own.Korea4 1

As well as priming/basing ingredients such as silicones and waxes (all non-comedogenic/blocking) it also contains bamboo shoot and bamboo sap extracts to condition and protect the skin – hence being Tony Moly Panda’s Dream.

Apply using the stick directly onto clean skin and then blend with your fingers. Using your ring-finger is best as when it’s bent forward on its own, it goes all floppy due to not having a dedicated ligament (try it), so no danger of poking or pressing too hard. Using your finger also warms the product.

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Once in the skin it completely disappears with the exception of a very soft, noticeably brighter under eye! It did also prevent my concealer from drying my under-eye out as much as it can (despite using one with a hyaluronic base) so this Tony Moly wonder-product is definitely doing it’s job.

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