My Tried and Tested Luxury Shave

I’ve always been cursed with easily irritated and often sensitive skin. Shaving is no exception and in fact often the biggest cause of skin problems for me and countless other guys. From ingrowns to redness, it’s annoying.

What’s more many shaving products can be harsh to the skin with too much cheap fragrance and naughty ingredients. So over the years I’ve established my truly luxury and skin kind shaving regimen that I think you’ll like.

Trim First

Unless you’re shaving new growth, make sure that if you’ve left it a few days to trim your facial hair using an electric trimmer. Mine went bloomin’ AWOL just before doing these photos but I use a Philips trimmer. Anything will do and preferably something with a foil to avoid direct blade contact with the skin.


I’ve been loving this Tom Ford exfoliator recently and it’s just launched nationwide. It’s powerful but not harsh. I also love Clinique For Men face scrub and have used that since I was a teen – it’s very powerful so just make sure you take it easy.

Shave Oil

This is a recent edition thanks to Tom Ford but it has made the world of difference. Once trimmed and exfoliated, generously apply this gel-oil to the skin to create a completely smooth base.

Shave Gel

I’m sorry but I do love a shaving gel/foam and ingredients-wise Clinique is the best out there. It’s luxuriously rich and cushiony-soft (sounds like I’m describing loo roll) but it does the job well. A little goes a long way. I apply to the skin with my cruelty free shave brush from The Body Shop – I cannot abide real Badger Hair, in 2016 it’s not necessary.

The Razor

Anyone who’s been a religious follower of MANFACE will know my love of the Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5. I honestly don’t use anything else. It all started when, on a whim, I bought the Hydro 3 and fell in love with it. The Hydro 5 is even better and you can really put the moves in without risking ripping your face to shreds.

Also because of its floatiest of floaty heads, you don’t have to wield your razor like you’re playing a game of Operation or Buckaroo.

Very ergonomic, very natural to use and those blades are incredibly accurate. The hydration pool also turns to a sort of jelly when wet that gives this really soft cushion – it’s bizarre but very cool!

Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 razor. £4.29. Boots

Just make sure to shave in the direction of hair growth to ensure you don’t pull anything unnecessarily.


Make sure to finish any shave with a good hydrator. My current love is Acqua Di Parma Fresh Hydrating Balm as it’s very, very rich BUT sinks into the skin very quickly without leaving any grease or residue.

If you’re Blemish prone, be sure to use something oil free but containing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid to bond moisture to those surface cells.

Clinique Redness Solutions Daily Relief Cream 50ml. £36. John Lewis

Another great product is Clinique Daily Relief Cream which is part of their Redness Solutions Range. Again, feels rich but is actually 100% oil free and contains loads of anti-redness and calming ingredients.

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