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Christian Gio – A Korean name you just don’t see much these days, but that aside, this is yet another outstanding export and this time, it’s exclusively designed for men.

I have tried and tried to get an ingredients list for this product but I can’t find one anywhere and my korean isn’t all that great (끔찍입니다) so I couldn’t make out anything from the packaging.

It’s much lighter in consistency than the other BB’s I’ve used and a little lighter in colour, which for me is perfect, as you can see by my photo, I could hardly be considered as tanned. When applied to the skin, it’ll look like someone taped your face back, it’s truly amazing.

It takes a little longer to sink in than some others do but once it has done, my skin looked smoother and had a dewy glow as opposed to solid, textureless matt or a shiny grease-pool. It lasts through the day and doesn’t clump whilst remaining completely undetectable on the skin, nor  does it sweat off easily. I will point out that this doesn’t contain an SPF so make sure you apply one before hand.

As BB’s, Blemish Balms, are designed to heal and cover blemishes, I have to say I was impressed with what this Christian Gio gem has managed to achieve, covering most imperfections without looking caked and obvious. Lines caused through age, stress, laughter or otherwise are banished through skilful illumination and brightening but without making you look like a disco-ball.

I definitely think this is worth a try if you’re new to both concealing and / or BB creams, it’s easy and impossible to get wrong. Give it a go.

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