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TOM FORD Oud Wood for Men Additions: Bigger, Better & Even More Beautiful

Tom Ford Oud Wood Ancillaries

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TOM FORD Oud Wood collection now presents its beautiful, private blend fragrance with a new body spray; deodorant stick and hard-milled soap bar.

TOM FORD: The attack of the Ouds

Tobacco Oud

The TOM FORD Oud Wood fragrance was originally launched back in 2007 and I reviewed it here only 5 years later in July 2013. Last year then saw the launch of one of my absolute favourite fragrances, TOM FORD Tobacco Oud, a fragrance resembling TOM FORD Sahara Noir but just with a certain something extra, a je ne sais quoi if you will (I’m laughing as I say this, I think people who use that phrase routinely deserve to be shot at dawn or tiré à l’aubeI).

Oud Fleur

You’ll also find TOM FORD Oud Fleur, but this is oddly one I’ve not come into contact with yet, so can’t really pass much of an opinion. Oud Fleur is comprised of Oud, Rose, Balsam and Sandalwood.

TOM FORD Oud Wood in brief

In brief, TOM FORD Oud Wood has prominent notes of oud, rosewood, vanilla and sandalwood. TOM’s fragrances aren’t for men or for women per say, but I’d definitely say this is more in the blokey camp than most of the others.

TOM FORD Oud Wood: The newbies

Fragrance Layering

It’s not just a sales and marketing practice, I always recommend investing in ancillary products of a fragrance. Why? Because you’ll experience the full effect of the fragrance; it’ll last longer and let’s face it – it’s an infinitely more luxurious experience.

TOM FORD Oud Wood Bath Soap

This hard-milled, glycerin and vitamin E infused body soap gives an insane lather and is blended with the intoxicating TOM FORD Oud Wood perfume.

Hard-milled means that it’s not going to disintegrate on the side of your bath or shower and won’t last 5 minutes like many soaps on the market. In fact this soap will last an absolute age with regular, daily use.

This is not a soap for face and eyes.

TOM FORD Oud Wood All Over Body Spray

Don’t be fooled by it being a body spray, this is exceptionally powerful and only the tiniest squirt is needed.

The body spray means that afterwards, you’ll only need the tiniest squirt of fragrance, maybe even half a pump will do.

Perfect for the gym bag and an excellent Christmas present.

TOM FORD Oud Wood Deodorant Stick

I’m afraid to say, I’m a sweater; a big one – a sweaty Betty if you will. I’m not the biggest fan of deodorant sticks and you’ll be hard pressed to bring me round to using them.

The TOM FORD Oud Wood deodorant stick is one of the best I’ve come across; it’s hard and transparent which means no white marks on clothes.

It dries nicely and doesn’t leave you feeling sticky and claggy; particularly if you’ve got hairy underarms (top tip – keep them trimmed right down if you’re prone to perspiration; hair can trap odor).

All I want for Christmas is…

Obviously the bath soap, all over body spray and deodorant stick are absolutely fabulous additions to go with the TOM FORD Oud Wood private blend fragrance, but also if you’re wanting to give the token of TOM FORD then something like the body spray or particularly the bath soap are excellent stocking fillers.

Where can I buy TOM FORD Oud Wood?

In days gone by you could only buy TOM FORD Private Blend from Selfridges but now it’s proudly available here at House of Fraser (with free delivery over £50) as well as here at John Lewis.

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