Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille

My favourite Tom Ford fragrance, in fact one of my favourite fragrances full stop.

Launched in 2007, this fabulous and worthy edition to the Tom Ford Private Collection wraps you in the warm musk of tobacco being supported by honied vanilla. Someone online wrote that it’s like stepping into an old fashioned tobacconists and I really agree; a mix of spices and warmth that fills your lungs, intoxicating your senses.

The tobacco is the first to calm down, the whole fragrance mellows as the day goes on and the smooth vanilla becomes more prominent, leaving a subtle aura, rather than a ‘punch-in-the-face-after-waft. This fragrance force people to hug you. Best worn with a leather jacket as this plus leather is a definite winner.

Tobacco Vanille is available in different sizes (50ml/100ml/250ml), with the 100ml and 250ml forming part of the Tom Ford Chess Set, completed once you own every private collection fragrance in these sizes (I’m pretty certain its these sizes, but I’m not 100%, information is difficult to come by on this, if you know more, leave me a comment). The chess boards are produced annually in incredibly limited supply.

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille £180/100ml at Selfridges Online


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