The Yorkshire Soap Company Orangery Scented Soap Slice

You might have caught my review of The Yorkshire Soap Company store in York last week? If not, you can check it out here, I think you’ll love it. The Orangery Scented Soap Slice is one of the fabulous products I bought that day.

The Yorkshire Soap Company Orangery Scented Soap Slice 2

The Yorkshire Soap Company Orangery Scented Soap Slice 3

My favourite fragrance scent of all time is Orange Blossom, time and time again this fragrance makes me melt – this was no exception. The cleanest, freshest, sweetest and fruitiest orange blossom is what you’re going to find here. There are also little pieces of orange rind embedded in the top of the slice. It’s very solid and even though I’ve used it 3/4 times, it looks like I’ve hardly touched it. I’m tempted to cut it in half, leaving part in the shower and part by the side of the sink.

The soap lathers gently and doesn’t leave your soap squeaking and dry. It’s still a soap, don’t get me wrong, but it seems softer whilst being an excellently effective, glycerin cleanser. Glycerin in case you’re not familiar is a water based moisturiser, and is one of the most commonly used, water-based nourishing agents.

Unfortunately I can’t find this product on their website, and believe me, I’ve really looked. You can call them on +44 1422 845 900 and I’m certain they’ll be able to sort you out and this particular bar costs just £3. Alternatively, drop by to their stores in York or Hebden Bridge.

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