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LUSH X Super Mario Bros. Movie Review

Yee-hee! Meet the All-Star collab between LUSH and the Super Mario Bros. Movie.

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In Cinemas Wednesday 5th April, the Super Mario Bros. Movie is going to be huge. From the same animation company behind Minions and a great cast, it’s likely going to become the top-grossing animation of all time and allow Nintendo to forget their 1993 abomination starring the fabulous Bob Hoskins.

With that being said, LUSH has crafted a rare collaboration, and I think, their first film collaboration ever, pulling out all the stops for an 8-piece set of bath and body products to leave you fresh-as-a-Daisy with not a Goomba among them.

What are the LUSH X Super Mario Bros. Movie products?

In the collection there are 8 Super Mario World inspired products:

  1. Question Block Bath Bomb £14
  2. Princess Peach Body Spray £30
  3. Gold Coin Soap £5
  4. Mario Shower Gel from £8
  5. Luigi Shower Gel from £8
  6. Princess Peach Shower Jelly from £6.50
  7. Bowser Shower Jelly from £6.50
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Are the LUSH X Super Mario Bros. Movie scents new?

Yes and no, I’d say more no. Lush has said that the Gold Coin Soap is Honey I Washed The Kids, but I do recognise the rest with possibly the exception of the Princess Peach Body Spray and Shower Jelly (which I’m only 90% sure is the same) which has a peachy, Snow-Fairy vibe; a floral/fruit with a sugar core running through – really nice actually and bizarrely unisex as the sugar hasn’t been allowed to become insipid a la Britney Fantasy; there’s an edge to it.

The Mario Shower Gel is like fruity jelly beans while the Luigi is a pure green apple. The Bowser Shower Jelly is very familiar but I can’t put my finger on it – but it’s warm, fiery and decadent; they really nailed Bowser down in scent with this and shame this couldn’t have also been a body spray.

Tiny criticism of

Clearly, these products are wildly popular and imagine that the LUSH packing warehouse is currently under some stress with the number of orders. However, two of my products, the Luigi Shower Gel and the Bowser Shower Jelly had leaked somewhat in the delivery box – not loads so I’m short of product, but enough to need me to wash it all.

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What are the best LUSH X Super Mario Bros. Movie products worth buying?

Princess Peach Shower Jelly

If you want to capture the essence of this collaboration, I’d definitely say the Princess Peach Shower Jelly is a good place to start, and is probably why it’s becoming immediately difficult to get hold of. The Princess Peach Shower Jelly has the fun and whimsy of a LUSH product with a scent you’d associate with the race-car-driving, melee butt-kicking, often kidnapped rough and tumble that is the life of Princess Peach – it’s sweet with a fantastic edge.

Question Block Bath Bomb

The Bath Bomb Question Block is my next favourite. It’s massive, fun, silly and you don’t know what you’re going to get (if you buy a random one!). Again, it’s the kind of fun and whimsy you expect from LUSH and is a product clearly created with a lot of passion – the entire collection has obviously been carefully designed by Mario fans.

Super Mario Shower Gel

If you want something fun, fruity, fresh, and mouth-watering that encapsulates the bold and bright colours of the Mushroom Kingdom, then the Super Mario Shower gel is definitely a goer.

All LUSH X Super Mario Bros. Movie products are available here directly from or in your local store (I think it’s had a nationwide rollout rather than just flagships!).

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