The Scottish Fine Soaps Company Seaweed Soap

How excited can a person be about a soap? Well, it turns out very!

Seaweed Soap from ‘The Scottish Fine Soaps Company’ is one of the nicest bars of body soap I’ve ever had the privilege to use. To begin with, the packaging is stunning; every soap is presented in a brightly coloured and embossed metal tin which keeps it lovely and fresh and means that it can be easily transported (making it great for the gym!). The fragrance is simply stunning: it’s light, clean and ever so ‘plenty’. Their website describes it as:

“A fresh green ozonic fragrance with top notes of seaspray, gardenia, freesia and green floral notes supported by a heart of lily of the valley, geranium, rose and a hint of tarragon.  These descend to a base of musk, sandalwood and seaweed.”

I couldn’t agree more, but I will point out that it’s not girly!

So, onto the testing. I jumped in the shower and got started: the lather is unlike anything I’ve ever come across in a soap- there’s so much from so little! It’s beautifully rich which means it stays on the skin so you can really work it. Now, the really cool thing about this soap is that it contains little bits of loofah which leaves your skin not only feeling well cleansed, but also much smoother. I hopped out of the shower feeling squeaky clean and smelling fresh!

Who would have thought that so much care and attention to detail could be put into a bar of soap? This is a truly luxury product and I believe it earns the Manface seal of approval. I can’t think of a more deserving product to be the very first winner of the “Manface Approved Award!

The Scottish Fine Soaps Company Seaweed Soap £4.95/100g at The Scottish Fine Soaps Company Online

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