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NEW Frederic Malle Hand Soaps

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No sink is complete without hand soap and due to my grandmother’s obsession of ‘keeping soaps for best’ that sit there in a box for years, I always get them used and enjoy using them. So it was pretty exiting to get hold of two of the NEW Frederic Malle hand soaps in the post this week.

The two I received were Vetiver Extraordinaire (just called Vetiver) and Anterenea. The entire 6 piece hand soap collection is available in:

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They’re very, very hard milled so don’t expect these to turn to mush like many others tend to do; however it’s always best to keep them on a soap dish with drainage holes – they are still soaps. But they will last a very long time.

The fragrance concentration is high so expect to smell these in the bathroom. The fragrance in the lather is also fantastic as many soaps tend to only smell good dry and turn to garbage once wet and foaming (an old marketing technique so you buy them from sniffing the packaging).

Individually, the 6 fragrances are available in 100g sizes at €30 each. They’re then available in 50g in custom trio boxes for €37.50 (you can choose what you receive); a custom 100g trio box for €75; a custom six 50g box for €75 and then finally a box of each one of the 6 soaps in 50g size for €75.

All the soaps and sets can be found here on the Frederic Malle website; they do deliver to the UK for  €17 and are currently only available from Frederic Malle directly.