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Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter truly is beauty and cosmetic heaven with this being the second of a few fabulous finds so far. Sabater Hnos. (Hermanos) is a soap store selling only their own, fine handmade soaps.

The Sabater siblings consist of Milagros (11), Eliana (29), Martin (30), Sebastian (31) as well as a team team of 15 people/friends/spread between Buenos Aires and Barcelona.

The brand was established in 1937 by their Argentinian grandfather Sebastian Sabater who, amongst other cosmetic and soap successes, created soap manufacturing machinery that’s still used by Unilever, Procter & Gamble and Helena Rubinstein to name but a few. Sebastian’s son even went on to train in fine fragrance in Grasse, France and this vain of cosmetics expertise runs in the family to this day.

The soaps available in Spain are all made in Badalona, with custom machinery sent over from the family Buenos Aires with production being managed by one of the sisters, Eliana. They use all gentle and natural ingredients (with the exception of a very limited selection of soaps that use artificial fragrance such as the chocolate soap) and no products or ingredients have been tested on animals – ethical manufacturing and retail appears to be at the heart of the business.

Sabater (Hnos.) Hermanos Soap Shop here in Barcelona also produces small soaps right in the store and I was shown the soap kernels and machine used to produce them [pictured above].

Prices range from a few cents for the single use soap petals to larger soaps priced at €5/€6. I bought 4 mini soaps (€2 each) in Orange Blossom (Azahar), Jasmine (Jasmin), Chocolate and Cinnamon (Canela) which are available individually or can be turned put into a mini gift box. I also bought one larger soap, as it only came in one size, of Argan Oil which feels incredibly soft on the skin after rinsing.

As well as the different sized bars, they also come in fun shapes aimed at children with little people and trains/carriages.

The soaps are all varying densities depending on fragrance, but all seem fairly hard milled and don’t dissolve into a squishy mush after one use. The lather is gorgeously rich and silky, not leaving skin dry or dehydrated. The scents bloom wonderfully in the shower making them a real sensory experience.

For more information, you can check out the Sabater (Hnos.) Hermanos website here.

Posted at 09:05 March 18, 2014

WOW! So beautiful!

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