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Tom Ford Lavender Palm

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The new stunning addition to the Tom Ford Private Blend, Lavendar Palm. With the first spray you are welcomed by two different Lavender variations, the first a lighter and sweeter floral lavender and the second, more of an essential Lavender, deeper and sultry. Mixed in with this is a twist of lime citrus that ads a bit more depth and gives middle ground to the base and top notes of lavender. Yes you may shrug at lavender but would Tom Ford, the man himself, ever leave you smelling like an old womans knicker drawer? I think not.

The fragrance has staying power, and after a while the lime starts to show up a little more and the deeper Lavender fragrance takes a bit of a back seat. Definitely one for the men as recommended by the delightful woman in Selfridges, who believed that it actually smelt much better on men than women.

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Selfridges themselves describe the fragrance as follows –

It is a sensuous yet stylish remix of earthly lavender, bright citrus, moist palm leaf accord, clary sage, sensual woods and smooth tonka bean

Worth investigating and this is definitely my new evening out fragrance, would go well with a nice suit.

Tom Ford Private Blend Lavender Palm £125/50ml available at Selfridges Online