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The MANFACE Definitive Hairbond Review


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Almost a year on from discovering Hairbond products, I’m still using them; therefore I thought I’d compile a definitive review of their entire range.

Over the last 6 years, I’ve used a lot of haircare, from mass brand favourites to prestige gold and never cease to be impressed by the amazing products that some pretty amazing companies come out with. However, over the last year, Hairbond has been a brand I’ve really come to love and stick with, particularly with their styling products.

I have my own list of criteria that I use when looking for hair care products:

▪    Shampoos that are drying

▪    Shampoos that don’t cleanse and remove product

▪    Conditioners that leave hair greasy

▪    Hair styling that is heavy and greasy

▪    Hair styling that ‘flops’ after a while

▪    Vile, cheap fragrance!

So Hairbond. They’ve don’t have a high price tag, not always the fanciest packaging and as of yet, you can’t buy it everywhere, but they’re special, very special indeed and its what’s inside where their ingeniousness is found: unique ingredients, no animal testing, good technology, a beautiful yet weird fragrance and good performance.

Shampoo & Conditioner

At every single turn, the Hairbond Shampoo and Conditioner impressed me, from smell, to lather, to feel to finish.

The shampoo has a gorgeous fragrance, it reminds me of those love hearts sweets, but it’s not overpowering by any means. You don’t need much, about the size of a ten pence piece; I learnt this as I’m normally pretty liberal however this resulted in me being able to wash my entire body with it. I really find it clears residual product out of my hair quickly, easily whilst leaving it completely knot free. It also rinses out without drying the hair, so you don’t need a heavy conditioner to restore lustre. Therefore, they created a conditioner that wasn’t heavy at all, but incredibly light and deeply hydrating.

When you apply the conditioner, it doesn’t feel like you’re putting anything in your hair, it seems to disappear. I leave it in for around 30-60 seconds and then wash it out. It’s as your washing it out you feel what it’s just done, your hair feels amazingly soft even though it’s wet. There are absolutely no knots and my hair can really knot!. It’s basically some sort of witchcraft.

To test the shampoo and conditioner out by themselves, I just towel dried my hair and then finished it off with the hairdryer and put no product in.

There was a serious increase in volume, not Donna Summer volume, but definite volume. The shine was incredible, but again, not a greasy heavy shine like I’d smeared lard on my head. Any fly-aways are exterminated!

Finally, it’s £15.98 for both so just stop reading and try it!


I’ve never experienced a product like this before. In my hands it felt very rich and hard, and almost as though it was going to be very heavy, but it wasn’t, at all. I find that with this, applying it to dry hair is best.

When I first read the description on the site: “This product will give you the effect of wax but without the shiny, greasy look.”. I honestly thought, “Yeah right, that’s what they all say”. The product does give really nice separation and a gorgeous matte look, but not dull and dry or heavy. It allows your hair to retain the shine from the conditioner. It has a really good hold. If you use to much, your hair could seriously go all Mohawk on your ass, but with a small amount, you can create gorgeous texture and if I’m feeling in the mood, a bit of a fluffed, full and lifted fringe.

I am a big player-abouter with my hair, and always faffing. You can shape, re-shape, and then shape again without it going heavy, or greasy.


Now, I will be honest, I didn’t get much from the sculptor but my other half, a self confessed Tom Baker doppelgänger did. The website does illustrate it as being “Designed for separation and hold. Soft and easy to mould it works miracles on dry hair and separating thicker hair types.” . My hair is not dry, slightly oily by mid day if anything, and even though my hair looks thick, I have thin hairs, but just a crap load of them. It did give Garry a nice shape to his stunning but wild hair, with a really nice shine, taming any strays and flyaways. So even if I can’t accurately test something myself, I’ll be damned if I can’t find someone who can.


On my days off from working in cosmetics, the last thing I often want to do is get myself looking all dressed up. I will wash my hair (sometimes) and use my 3-Step and Sun Protection. Now I have reluctantly added a new product to this, simply because it’s perfect. The designer hair clay is amazing. It looks both as my scruff messy texture look, and something a bit more glam (yes that’s right. GLAM!). I actually got my hair stylist to use it after my last cut and it gave a fantastic look and hold. My only problem is that even though the texture excites me, the hold doesn’t last as long so my hair can move around a lot if it’s not sprayed.

The designer is also good to use on very slightly damp hair and then roughly and harshly hairdried for ultimate texture.


Saving the best till last. This is my FAVOURITE. I love it and rave about it so much. This is the one that my crafty step dad on a visit home stole it, and has been using it, as it gave his 67 year old hair the most fantastic lift and fullness it’d seen in a long time.

My hair has good body, but if I want something more, with a good, matte, none moving but still flexible hold, then this is the ticket. It’s a very thick clay, but is lighter than a feather on the hair, and works amazingly with the hair cleansing range to maintain body. Hairbond advertise the product as a “Flexible hold gives great results to thick straight hair.”, although I think it works just as well on gay hair as well (*hangs head in shame*).


I can’t recommend just one product, as they’re all great for different looks and styles, as well as different ambient temperatures (the distorter works best for me in hot, humid temperatures). They all feature the fantastic ingredients and fragrance that make Hairbond unique.

Just try them, the prices are ridiculously low. I honestly don’t know how they can sell them for such a low price point, because the quality is better than that of some rather pricey stuff I’ve tried over the years. Oh and they’ve got a new product coming up and apparently some of the packaging might be changing as well!

Have a look at their site for more information as Hairbond Online

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