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Hairbond Distorter

Anyone who reads my blog fairly regularly will know how much I swear by this fantastic new British haircare brand Hairbond. Their aptly named ‘Distorter’ gives amazing matte hold that is flexible throughout the day, but only if you want it to be. I can do my hair first thing in the morning, not touch it throughout the day and then by the early evening, it’s just as it was. It creates stunning natural texture as well as shape and style.

Now the reason I’m posting this is because the distorter only came in a 50ml pot… until now! Hairbond have done some repackaging and released a 100ml size. The packaging as you can see is gorgous and was suprised to see how full it was, you really couldn’t have got a drop more product in there. Now that’s value for money. You need this in your life.

I believe this hasn’t been officially released to stockists as of yet but the 50ml is a mere £6.50 so I can imagine the price of this will reflect.

Check out my Hairbond review as well as the Hairbond Website

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