Hairbond Shaper Professional Hair Toffee

You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for this to be released and to be sent my very own pot – probably just under a year! This is the exciting new edition to the Hairbond collection.

Hairbond Shaper Toffee 2

Scott Michaels, the creator of Hairbond has said that he believes this will overtake the Moulder, currently Hairbond’s leading styling product and my weapon of choice. The Moulder is a very thick cream that has a fantastic hold, keeping hair looking neither matte nor shiny, but at its natural best.

The Toffee is thicker and more gorgeously rich and gluey with the major differences being that first, it holds better, and secondly it transfers from your fingers to your hair more easily than the Moulder. The increased transference means that you don’t have to run your hands through your hair as much, which can sometimes ruin the hard work and effort achieved from a good blow-dry. The smell is out of this world and it really makes you want to eat it. The good thing is that as you work with the product works into the hair, the fragrances dies off a little.

The hold really lasts all day and does a good job of keeping those little stray hairs from messing up your style. Your hair is left feeling and looking sleek and smooth and it really washes out well.

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