The Body Shop Brazil Nut: It’s Back

Finally! This was the one discontinuation a few years ago by The Body Shop that truly broke my heart, but it’s back… Back with a vengeance. The range is bigger than ever and there’s still more to come.

The Body Shop Brazil Nut 3

The Body Shop Brazil Nut 2

The Body Shop Brazil Nut 1

It’s like sugar, vanilla, nuts, caramel and toffee rolled into one but it’s certainly not at all sickly or saccharin. With Community Fair Trade Brazil nut oil, these products are the real deal.

My favourite product from the collection is the body scrub, it’s creamy and packed with powerful, exfoliating grains and it seems despite the new packaging, they’ve retained their original formula. Hurrah! I decided this time therefore, to go with two products I haven’t used before, one being brand new.

The Brazil Nut Body Mist smells great and really captures the fragrance of the range. With Community Fair Trade Brazil nut oil and Community Fair Trade sugarcane essence it both a delicious fragrance and soft on the skin. I’ve been using it straight after drying off from the shower and then layering a chosen fragrance over the top. Whatever scent add on top is gently sugared; it seems to compliment pretty much anything and because of that deep nut and caramel base, it’s not girly-sweet.

Brazil Nut Shower Cream is definitely deserving of its “Do not eat” labels as there isn’t much stopping me from downing the bottle. It’s like toffee sauce and because it’s both soap free and filled with Peruvian Community Fair Trade Brazil Nut oil, skin is left soft and smooth to the touch. I should add that even though it is soap-free, you get a heck of a lather from it, especially if you use a shower lily or body sponge.

The Brazil Nut collection is available exclusively in-store at the moment but check here at The Body Shop online as I’m sure it’ll be up very soon. The collection is really well priced and I have it on good authority that there’s a soap and lip butter on their way to complete the range. Have you tried it before? What’s your favourite bath and body product from The Body Shop?

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