LUSH Ocean Salt Facial Scrub

I continue to be more and more impressed by facial skincare from LUSH, a brand I only ever revered for bath and body care. After the sadly limited edition Buche de Noël Solid Cleanser from last Christmas and now this, I’m becoming a bit of a convert to say the least.

Lush Ocean Salt Facial Scrub 1

Lush Ocean Salt Facial Scrub 4

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a thousand times – I love a good scrub. I like a granule exfoliator that has a high scrub:base ration and this is definitely that with a blend if both fine and coarse sea salt. You may be thinking, “well surely that’s too much scrub?” but no I say! No! It’s just the right amount and doesn’t leave my skin gagging for moisture.

With the salt for exfoliation, it’s balanced with a nourishing and non-congesting base of organic coconut oil and avocado butter, nourishing and conditioning the skin as you go.

There’s also conditioning violet leaf extract and oil-balancing seaweed absolute, adding another treatment element to this black pot of magic.

The smell, oh the smell! You open the lid and get a hit of the sea weaving through the mouth-watering juices of skin-brightening, fresh, organic lime – extracted using Vodka. I found an article on the process here and it sounds delicious. This is then curbed by the slight sweetness of the coconut oil and richness of the avocado butter.

Just throw a generous dollop onto damp skin, massage in slowly and gently (avoiding the eye area) and then rinse off; your skin will feel like porcelain and your moisturiser will sink in like a dream.

At only £6.95 for a 100g tub or £12.95 for a 250g tub, you’re hardly breaking the bank with this and getting a real quality treatment. Check it out here on the LUSH website.

Posted at 22:24 September 18, 2013
Max H

I took the suggestion of trying the ocean salt sea srub after this article and it made me face look a lot fresher as well as making your skin feel like porcelain! Was a great buy worth the money!

Posted at 12:22 May 7, 2013

I bought this scrub for my partner and he loves it. If you like this face scrub you would probably also like their Big shampoo. It is made with sea salt to scrub hair & scalp really clean, and has the most amazing fresh sea breeze smell too.

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