NEW Pinita Colada Body Care from The Body Shop

This is my favourite cocktail of all time – well, the alcoholic version. The perfect balance of creamy sweetness and fruity tanginess. I could drink these all summer! In fact there’s an amazing beach bar in Xavia, Spain where I’ve gone for years with both friends and family.

So, because The Body Shop love me so much, they’ve created an entire limited edition summer care body collection just for me – Piñita Colada… Spot the lie ;-)

The collection, which has just launched in store and online includes a sorbet, body scrub, shower gel and body butter. They smell exactly like an alcohol-free Piña Colada. All  the products contain both pineapple and coconut fruit extracts.

The Pinita Colada shower gel is 100% soap free and is similar in consistency to the original Coconut shower gel which is nourishing and non-drying. There’s also caster oil and a good amount of honey in there too. The creamy/fruity/tangy lather it creates is gorgeous!

The Body Shop Pinita Colada Shower Gel. The Body Shop Online. £5.

Pinita Colada Body Butter has a gorgeously lighter texture, similar to the fruitier body butters rather than the denser, thicker nut-based body butters. It sinks very, very easily into the skin and as is the same with all the others, won’t leave you greasy being free from petroleums and thickeners.

The Body Shop Online Pinita Colada Body Butter. The Body Shop Online. £14

The entire collection has just launched so get your hands on it whilst you can as I understand it’s 100% limited edition for the Summer. The Body Shop sent over the products in the shot but I’ve already placed my order for a Body Scrub and the Body Sorbet!

The entire collection can be found here or click on one of the pictures in this article to go straight to the product. I can’t wait to hear what you think!

The Body Shop Pinita Colada Body Scrub. The Body Shop Online. £15

The Body Shop Pinita Colada Body Sorbet. The Body Shop Online. £8.

The Body Shop Pinita Colada Gift Essentials. The Body Shop Online. £25

Posted at 15:58 July 19, 2016

I didn’t realise it was soap free. Been meaning to get something from the range for a while now.

Posted at 12:13 May 18, 2016
The Little Blog of Beauty

God I’m with you there, love Pina Colada’s! The sorbet is appealing to me the most and if they have a perfume I will be very happy indeed

Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

    Posted at 18:04 May 18, 2016
    Thom Watson

    @thelittleblogofbeauty:disqus Oh god a perfume would be amazing! (and presumably include alcohol?)

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