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The Body Shop Sweet Lemon Shower Gel

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I make no bones about the fact The Body Shop shower gels are my favourite. I’m yet to find another brand that matches up truly with the ridiculous abundance of lather, silky soft foam, and intense fragrance. They’re fun, uplifting and really reminiscent of my childhood.

The Body Shop Sweet Lemon Shower Gel 1
The Body Shop Sweet Lemon Shower Gel 2

I don’t often affix a deep emotional connection to many cosmetics but The Body Shop shower gels are one. My grandma used to take me to the old store in Huddersfield and I always had a small bottle of Satsuma shower gel at home, or some animal soaps and always with one of their fold our flannels decorated with their save the animals artwork. What’s your first memory of The Body Shop?

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Last year, The Body Shop underwent a massive brand rebrand and is still continuing to do so. One of the biggest changes was to the packaging (you may remember I blogged about it here?) which I’m in full favour of! The graphics are gorgeous, the packaging is smooth and luxurious and still made from recycled and recyclable materials.

So the Sweet Lemon. For guys the whole range is just perfect as it’s refreshing, uplifting but despite being called Sweet Lemon, it’s not sickly and insipid. You’ll get more lather than you can possibly imagine, especially if you use a Bath Lilly or mitt. I actually squirt a little onto my foot brush!

I think in the brand’s strive to stay on trend, it’s their basics such as the shower gels that are often overlooked, they’re so beautifully complex. How so? Well firstly they’re soap free and the Sweet Lemon shower gel is filled brimming with richly nourishing Brasil nut oil. I don’t often use a body moisturiser, usually because whatever I use leaves the hair on my arms and legs coated and I feel grimy and dirty again, are you with me on this? Therefore the advantage of this is that your skin is not left dry or dehydrated, but comfortable, cleansed and balanced.

If you’ve never used a shower gel from The Body Shop, you’re missing out on life. Not only that but I picked this up in their 50% in-store sale a few weeks ago for just £2! But even at the full price of £4, a bottle lasts for ever. Check it out as well of the rest of the range here.