Deliplus Stylius Espuma Extra Fuerte Styling Mousse

If you follow me on Twitter or Google+ then you’ll have seen me ranting and raving about my 0,80€ hair mousse. Well here it is, the Deliplus Stylius Espuma Styling Mousse from Mercadona supermarkets in Spain. The product is endorsed by renowned, Valencian hair stylist, Tono Sanmartín; famous for his larger than life styles and couture looks.



Being a supermarket brand, you’re unfortunately not going to find it here in the UK, but with many of us going abroad this summer, you can definitely bring a few bottles back. The 0,80€ bottle is the smaller travel size but for around 2,50€ you can bag yourself the bigger bottle.

It’s a really extreme hold. I’ve been applying a fairly generous amount onto damp hair and then working through with a paddle brush and hair dryer. The product immediately peps up and starts to both thicken and hold hair. I’ve been using it to create the hairstyle in my profile photo and this definitely keeps every strand in place.

After working the mousse through, I find it best to use a tiny amount of clay for a matte effect or a little liquid-pomade to give great shine. This ensures hair is both held and defined and simply finish your style off with a little fixing hairspray.

Mercadona supermarkets have definitely scored with this product, just a taste of a fabulous variety of others that I will be reviewing over the coming weeks. So, if you’re travelling to Spain this summer, this is definitely worth a look.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 00:57 March 22, 2016

I bought Espuma in Spain last year. I was hoping to find a source in the USA, but evidently not. It’s superior to anything I have tried here.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 00:55 June 17, 2015

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