[one_half]I’m always dubious when fashion lines launch their own range of skincare, very dubious indeed and hearing of the new Ted Baker – Ted’s Grooming Room line really got me polishing and sharpening my beauty knives.

Well after trying the products, my weapons are away as I have been unbelievably impressed. The products I tried are higher quality than companies who’ve specialised in skin[/one_half][one_half_last] from the very beginning. Inspired by the grooming practices of the Ottoman Empire, the range has been lovingly produced by KMI, who also produce Dr. Linda Papadopoulos’ own skincare as well as Orla Kelly and Fish.

I got my mitts on both the Face Scrub and Shave Cream which are each other’s perfect partners and have used the two quite thoroughly over the last week or so.[/one_half_last]


TED BAKER Face Scrub

I love it when facial scrubs are powerful, because you always have the option to work them in very gently, whereas when a face scrub is weak and bead-less, you’re sort of stuck. This is not the latter, but instead a wonderfully invigorating and high-strength face scrub that[/one_half][one_half_last] both smooths and cleanses, leaves your pores completely unblocked.

I like the fact it doesn’t foam as it gets to work, meaning that as it scrubs away dead skin cells, it doesn’t break down the moisture barrier wish harsh surfactants and cleansing agents and the exfoliating jojoba beads mean that cells are buffed away rather then scraped.[/one_half_last]


TED BAKER Shave Cream

I knew this would be a deliciously dense shave cream just by feeling the weight of the bottle! It’s a pump dispenser rather than a pressurised container and comes out as a rich, pearlised cream that as you work into the skin, starts to[/one_half][one_half_last] thicken leaving a rich mask of foam. Many shaving foams start to slop off almost immediately, but this one stayed very firmly.

 I applied it over the Billy Jealousy Hot Towel Pre-Shave Treatment which gives a really smooth base, definitely worth a try.[/one_half_last]

I’m really impressed with this offering from almighty fashion house that is Ted Baker. Oh and linking in with the fashion line itself, I’ve recently become a fan of Zalando. The Ted Baker range on Zalando is amazing, they stock all of Ted Baker´s latest creations. I was wondering how to share that with you but I guess this is the most opportune moment I’ll ever have! I’ve got my eye on the Ted Baker SKOLDAY bag. Christmas present anyone?

Posted at 21:25 September 1, 2015

Thank you
That review was so helpful and just what I was looking for .

I love Ted Baker accessories and also have a few items from raising the handlebars – Teds cycling range . I was some what worried to experiment with the grooming range so thanks for the heads up.

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